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Request produce ahead of time

And pick it up later!

During the market season , We offer a convenient pick-up system so our customers can shop ahead of time and pick-up their favorite product during the market’s business hours. This option takes the stress out of making it to the market on time before your favorite products run out. Feel free to browse our product listing!

Several Decades Of Agricultural Experience

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Early Preparation

Our team begins the planting process early winter. Thanks to our early greenhouse and healthy planting process, you can you can find local and pesticide free grown produce at several local farmers markets starting early summer. Our greenhouses allow us to grow large quantities of produce without damaging the integrity of our product. Our team works diligently through winter to ensure our customers receive the best products possible.

Healthy Growing Processes

We are a family owned and operated orchard business, striving to provide fresh, local and quality produce to a farmers market near you. Grown only in the safest and most sustainable way possible, our agricultural practices enable us to grow a vast majority of our vegetables 100% pesticide free. For the rest of our products, we use a scouting practice to minimize the use of pesticides. This is quite unlike most commercial growers, who tend to use preventative measures. Through crop rotations, we minimize the odds of encountering certain pests. We scout our fields and only spray when absolutely necessary and never spray just for the sake of pest prevention.

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